Nantou Food Recommend.Jia Wei Xiang Restaurant
  • Puli Gourmet Restaurant- Hakka Cuisine
    Jia Wei Xiang Restaurant is located in Puli, Nantou, offering Hakka and mountain dishes which are light and refreshing without losing the taste of typified Hakka cuisine. The flavor is light for the public and not greasy that is one of the characteristics of Jia Wei Xiang.

    Fresh Food at Inexpensive Prices
    Jia Wei Xiang uses fresh ingredients and provides varieties of dishes. The owner cooks the food with passion therefore the dishes are delicious. This fairly-priced restaurant is really a good option for dining.
  • Classic Hakka Dish

    The owner is a Hakka and is good at cooking Hakka cuisine. The classic sautéed pork and squid with dried turnip and garlic, Hakka style and pork intestine with shredded ginger are good in color, aroma and taste that go really well with rice.
  • Braised Pork

    Braised pork is the chef’s signature dish which breaks through the traditional way of cooking braised pork with preserved vegetable and combines creativity and knife skill. It adds the taste to the pork and the flavor is unique.
  • Trout Dish

    The trout is bred using mountain spring water and the meat is tender. It is suitable for steaming and eating in three ways to taste its freshness. This dish is a specialty of the restaurant.
  • Creative Dish

    Chef’s signature dish has not only Hakka meals but creative dishes with seasonal ingredients. For example, the trout with fruit dish is using seasonal fruits to add its flavor.
  • Old Radish Chicken Soup

    Old radish chicken soup is one of the most unique Hakka cuisines. It uses more than a decade old radish to cook soup so the soup has special sweet taste.
  • Fruit Dish

    Jia Wei Xiang Restaurant offers variety of food including Hakka cuisine, Creative cuisine, banquet and individual packages, etc., to meet the needs of tourists.
  • Nantou Food Recommend.Jia Wei Xiang Restaurant

    【Business Hours】

    【Restaurant Info】
    .Restaurant close to the city center and it is quite convenient to reach Chingjing.
    .Free parking lot, Convenient parking.
    .Restaurant provides Puli regional style meals, including a variety of mountain products, Seafood, Hakka cuisine and so on.

    【Food Menu】
    .Stir-Fried Dishes:Tapanyaki Tofu、Mapo Tofu、Fried three mushrooms、Fresh mushrooms with oyster sauce、Kwi bamboo shoot、Fish-flavored eggplant、Salted egg bitter gourd、Fried oyster 、Hakka Fried Oysters、Satay meat、Cane bamboo shoot、Areca flower、Pork、Lamb、Twice cooked pork、Pork with garlic sauce、Hot chicken peanut、Pork celery cuttlefish、Ginger pork intestines、Hakka salty pork、Tapanyaki ostrich meat、Fillet with plum sauce、Pleurotus eryngii with fried intestine、Shaoxing pettitoes、Shaoxing Dongpo Meat.
    .Fried Dish:Fish chin、Antarctic ice fish、Fried mushrooms、Deep fried fish、Shrimp ball with pineapple、Shrimp with salt and pepper、Deep fried pettitoes.
    .Steam Dish:Fillet with fried bean、Fresh brook fish、Steamed live trout、Live trout two eating way
    . Cold Dishes:Cold vegetable fern、Cold bitter gourd、 Cold boar skin、Chicken with green onion、Hakka chicken、Chicken with Shaoxing wine、Chicken with Kumquat.
    . Dish with Soy sauce, wine and sesame oil:Pleurotus eryngii、Eggplant、Squid thick、Chicken、Shrimp.

    【Banquet Dishes】
    . 5 dishes & 1 soup(NTD$1200)、7 dishes & 1 soup(NTD$1600)、8 dishes & 1 soup(NTD$2200)、
      9 dishes & 1 soup(NTD$2800)、10 dishes & 1 soup(NTD$3000)
    ‧Sturgeon Feast(NTD$3800)、Trout Meal(NTD$3000)
    .Shaoxing style meals:NTD$3000/ for 10 people、NTD$1200/ for 5 people
    .Hakka style meals:NTD$3000/ for 10 people、NTD$1200/ for 5 people
    .Trout style meals:NTD$3000/ for 10 people、NTD$1200/ for 5 people
    .Jia Wei Xiang style meals:NTD$3000/ for 10 people

    【Traffic Info】How to reach us
    .Restaurant located on the exit of No. 6 super highway and at the traffic arteries.
     To Chingjing, Wushe, Liyu Lake and other scenic areas are very convenient.
    .Free parking lot available.
    .Restaurant next to the Gas station and Convenience store, it could offer visitors well services.

  • 營業電話:049-2984268